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Mission Statement

The mission of the Valley Sanitary District is to collect, treat, and reuse wastewater in a safe and cost effective manner as prescribed by state and federal law. The District is dedicated to: maintaining a high standard of operations and maintenance; forward thinking in planning for facility and operational needs, and achieving maximum cost efficiency and effectiveness. The District board and staff are dedicated to having the District be a positive asset to the community. 

Current News

Press Release - Requa Sewer Project

The Valley Sanitary District has stopped the Requa Sewer Project construction for the month of April, to facilitate the Coachella Music Festival and Stagecoach Music Festival.

Construction will resume on Monday, May 2, 2017.

Press Release - 1 MegaWatt Solar PV Project Complete

Through a Power Purchase Agreement, Valley Sanitary District contracted with Solar City of San Mateo, California to provide 1 Mega Watt of PV solar power for twenty years. The Solar Project consists of 3,400 panels and will save Valley Sanitary District 40 to 50 percent of our facility energy costs.

The solar panel project is complete and operational.

VSD Solar Project Fact Sheet

Press Release - Biological Treatment System

The Valley Sanitary District (VSD) operated a biological treatment system to treat waste water of its property for several years.  Unfortunately, this system was not able to meet the conditions of our permit with the State of California - Water Quality Control Board, and the decision was made to close that system.

VSD conducted an extensive CEQA environmental review over the past 2 years regarding the closure of the biological treatment system. This public process reached out to community stakeholders, environmental groups, and regulatory agencies regarding the proposed closure. This included public hearings, and an outreach program, including the State Environmental Clearinghouse.

The closure of our biological treatment system in no way affects the continued operation of the Coachella Valley Bird Center, which is located on District property.

Press Release - Requa Sewer Project

Indio, CA. The Valley Sanitary District (VSD) Board has awarded the contract for the Requa Sewer Project to Downing Construction Inc. of Redlands, California.  Downing Construction is a California contractor specializing in pipeline installation. 

The Requa Sewer Project consists of 4 miles of new sewer pipeline and other related utility improvements. The purpose of the project is to add capacity to the sewer system in Indio to the District’s Water Reclamation Facility and increase capacity to accommodate future development.

In preparation of breaking ground this May on the Requa Sewer Project, the Valley Sanitary District (VSD) is currently offering presentations to groups and organizations to help strategically prepare for construction.  Presentations will be tailored to each group, addressing questions about the new sewer system.   

"With construction quickly approaching, we want to assist residents, local businesses, groups, and organizations in preparing for construction while addressing any questions or misconceptions concerning the Project," said Joseph Glowitz, General Manager of VSD.  "By offering these presentations, our goal is to continue an open channel of communication and provide the community with the knowledge and tools they need to plan for construction."

The Requa Sewer Project Information HOTLINE is 760 . 238 . 5413

The project is currently 70 percent complete.

Information / Infomacion

Development Design Manual released

Development Design Manual (June 2016)

The Valley Sanitary District is a full member of the Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group.

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