Sewer System Management Plan

This document, known as the Sewer System Management Plan was designed to describe the activities conducted by the   District to effectively manage its wastewater collection system. 

     Statewide General Waste Discharge required elements include:

  • Goals for Collection system management.
  • Personnel organization, including chain of command and communication processes for reporting spills.
  • Legal authority for permitting flows into the system, inflow/infiltration control and enforcement of sewers and connections for proper design and construction.
  • Operations and maintenance activities to maintain a wastewater collection system.
  • Design and performance provisions.
  • Overflow emergency response plan.
  • Fats, oil and grease (FOG) control program.
  • System evacuation and capacity assurance program.
  • Monitoring, measurement, and program modification.
  • Sewer System Master Plan (SSMP) program performance and effectiveness audit.
  • Communication program.

 The public may provide input on future development, implementation and performance of the SSMP plan.

2014 Valley Sanitary District Sewer System Management Plan