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Please help the District by properly using disposable wipes

Por favor ayude al Distrito a deshacerse adecuadamente de toallitas desechables

Disposable wipes

Toallitas desechables

The District is considering a Five Year Rate Plan

Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Proposition 218 Rate Notice

Aviso de Audiencia Pública - Proposition 218

Rate Summary Report

Collection System Rehabilitation project

The Valley Sanitary District is currently planning and programming a ten year, $ 60 Million project to rehabilitate and reconstruct approximately 100 miles of sewer collection system pipes.  The project design began in 2019, with construction commencing in 2020.

California Water Environment Association (CWEA) First Place Award

The Valley Sanitary District has received one of the 2017  Project of the Year awards from the Coachella Valley chapter of the American Public Works Association for the Requa Sewer Interceptor project.

Congratulations to the Requa Team

The Valley Sanitary District has received First Place on the 2017 Engineering Project of the Year from the California Water Environment Federation (CWEA) for the Requa Sewer Interceptor project. 

District Newsletter

The District has migrated to a real time newsletter blog, as opposed to a yearly newsletter.

2017 Newsletter

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Customer Resources

June 2016 - Development Design Manual released

Development Design Manual (June 2016)