VSD Celebrates 95 Years of Service


May 28, 2020

VSD Celebrates 95 Years as a California Special District Indio, CA — On June 1, 2020, VSD celebrates 95 years as a special district providing sanitary sewer services to the citizens and businesses of Indio, the oldest and largest city in Coachella Valley. While now is not the time for a large gathering to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of nearly a century of public service, we look forward to the opportunity later this year. “Most people in Indio have no idea that VSD has provided sewer services since 1925. Even back then the citizens realized that septic tanks weren’t the best option to prevent contamination of the town’s well water,” says Beverli A. Marshall, General Manager at VSD. “Created as the Indio Sanitary District, with a name change to Valley Sanitary District in 1965, VSD focuses on protecting the environment and Coachella Valley water quality.” So, if you see the employees out and about in VSD trucks performing their daily tasks, give a honk and a wave to show your support for these essential workers and thank them for their dedication to the communities’ public health. For more information about VSD and the services it provides, please contact Beverli A. Marshall, General Manager, at bmarshall@valley-sanitary.org or 760-238-5400.

Contact: Beverli A. Marshall, CSDM
Valley Sanitary District
45-500 Van Buren StreetIndio, CA 92201