Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

The Water Reclamation Facility Plant has completed part one of a two part expansion.

The first portion of the expansion included two new primary rectangular clarifiers; (CEPTS) chemically enhanced primary treatment system, anaerobic digester, modifications to the existing aerated grit chamber and influent line, main air line replacement, biofilter and foul air collector system for the belt press building and rehab of the existing drainage pump station. These improvements will increase the treatment capacity of the activated sludge plant to 10 million gallons per day.

Additionally, a new Administration Center, Operations Center and Laboratory were constructed. A new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System was installed.

The second part of the plant expansion will include an additional two new primary rectangular clarifiers, new anaerobic digester, cogeneration system, new grit removal system, gravity belt thickener, one new secondary circular clarifier. These improvements will increase the activated sludge treatment process to 18 million gallons per day. It will also include an Energy Conservation System to move the District towards near Net Zero in energy consumption at the facility.