Lateral Grant Program


What is a Private Sewer lateral?

A private sewer lateral is the portion of sewer system, beginning at the junction with the building plumbing system, usually located within two (2) feet of the foundation of the building and extending to and including the connection to the public sewer main.  The private sewer lateral is owned by the owner of the property receiving service through the lateral.  The property owner is responsible for all costs related to the installation, connection, maintenance, repair, construction, abandonment or removal of sewer laterals and private sewers.

Private sewer laterals that are defective are a source of infiltration and inflow (I/I) and if not regularly maintained become inoperable because tree roots enter the line and block the flow or misalign the pipe joints causing sewer backups and spills.  Damages caused by sewer spills are very costly not only for property owners but also for the environment, particularly waterways.

The Private Lateral Replacement Grant Program is designed to help the property owner defray a portion of the costs required to replace or repair their lateral including the connection.

Program Requirements- Before beginning any construction work:

  1. A video inspection must be performed by a licensed plumbing contractor and reviewed by District personnel.

  1. Property owner must submit a completed application, including price quotes from at least three (3) qualified licensed plumbing contractors.

  1. A letter of approval must be issued by the District to the property owner.

Amount of Grant:

The maximum amount of assistance for any one private sewer lateral replacement or repair is 50% of the approved cost up to a maximum reimbursement of $2,000.  Only complete replacement of the private sewer lateral or repair in excess of $1,000 that completely eliminates I/I and defects that cause stoppages (roots, offset joints or sags) are eligible for the program. Commercial property laterals are eligible for this program.  Only the cost to repair or replace existing defective laterals will be eligible.  The cost to extend or to upsize a lateral to increase the capacity or for new development is not eligible.  Not all applications will be approved.

A maximum of one grant application will be considered for approval for an individual property every five (5) years.

The property owner is responsible for notifying their selected contractor that their entire lateral must pass a video inspection (even if only a partial replacement was performed) in order to be eligible for reimbursement. All work shall be inspected by a District inspector prior to back fill.  Payment shall be made to the property owner after a copy of the paid-in-full invoice is submitted to the district for the work preformed.

All work must be performed by a licensed contractor and in accordance with District Specifications.   

Lateral Inspection:

A video inspection must be preformed prior to repair or replacement of the sewer lateral in order for grant funds to be considered.  Video inspection shall be done by a plumbing contractor and observed by District Staff.  Video inspection must be adequately viewable and recorded with the time and date on the video.  Cleaning of the lateral may be necessary prior to the inspection.


The property owner shall submit a Lateral Replacement Grant application, provided by the Valley Sanitary District, prior to commencement of work.  The request will be reviewed by the District, and the determination of eligibility will be made by the General Manager or designated representative whose decision shall be final.

$50,000 of grant funds is available for Fiscal Year 2012/2013 starting from the program approval date.  Funds will be obligated on a first come, first qualified, and first served basis, until all funds are allocated or the end of the fiscal year.  During subsequent fiscal years the maximum grant funding available for the fiscal year shall be established as part of the budget process.

Funds will be obligated for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from approval.  The obligation period shall include all work, inspection, payment to Contractor by property owner, and submission of paid receipt to the District.

Lateral Grant Checklist

  1. Schedule an initial lateral video inspection appointment to be done by a licensed plumbing contractor in the presence of a District inspector.


  1. Property owner submits application to District with three valid quotations from properly licensed contractors.


  1. A letter of approval must be issued by the District to the property owner.


  1. Property owner/Contractor obtains required permits.


  1. Property owner schedules work with contractor.


  1. Schedule with District Personnel for the inspection of the repair work prior to backfill.


  1. Schedule final lateral video inspection after construction work is complete, to be done by a licensed plumbing contractor in the presence of a District inspector.


  1. Property owner submits copy of paid-in-full invoice to District for the work performed by contractor.


  1. District processes application for reimbursement to the property owner of the eligible costs.