Initiate Service

New Construction

To initiate service, by connecting to the sanitary sewer system, please contact the Development Services Department at (760) 238-5400.

Here is an overview of the following steps are required to initiate new service with the Valley Sanitary District (VSD):

  1. Make an appointment to discuss your project with the VSD Development Services staff.
  2. Submit your application and plans for the project.
  3. A VSD Quotation for Service will be prepared.
  4. Submit payment (Capacity Connection Fee) to VSD.
  5. A Permit to Construct will be issued.
  6. Construct your private facilities, and the appropriate connection to the VSD system, in accordance with VSD standard.
  7. Schedule a VSD inspection of the completed work.
  8. Once a final inspection is complete, you will be issued signed Completion Notice and you will be allowed to discharge into the system.

A detailed description of the process will be outlined when you discuss your project.